Livelihood is one of the major intervention areas of GVSS. From inception since 1978, GVSS working to insure livelihood for the marginalized and deprived sections of society. GVSS works with marginalized farmers, school dropout youths, SHG Members, unskilled men and women on different livelihood related activities to ensure that they could achieve sustainable livelihood for themselves. Our Key Livelihood Activities are shown in the table below-

  Skill Development Trainings
  Small and Micro Entrepreneurship Development 
  Promotion of SHG and Credit Linkages
  Agricultural Base Livelihood
  Promotion of Advance Agricultural Activities 
  Entrepreneurship Development 
  Class Room/On Job Training
  Skill Enhancement Training
Farmers’ Action for Sustainable Agro-Based Livelihood-
  • Promotion of Advance Agricultural Techniques.
  • MACHAN Technique.
  • SRI, SWI Methods.
  • Intercropping Technique. 
  • Use of Compost and Bio Pesticides.
  • Dhaincha Seed Production. 
  • Soil Reclamation.
  • Recycling of Farm Waste.
  • Climate Informed Farming.
  • Zero Tillage.
  • Drip Irrigation. 
Vocational Skill Training of School Dropout Youths-
  • Conduction of Skill Development Training.
  • Class Room Training.
  • On Job Training.
  • Life Skill Training.
  • EDP Training.
  • Formation of Skill Net Groups.
  • Education Mainstreaming through open schooling.
  • Market Linkage for Employment and Self Employment.
  • Basic Computer and English Classes.
  • Training in Skill Net Groups.

Major Program Implemented by us-

  • Leather Goods production unit, Dairy Program, Vocation Training for women (1983-1992). 
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program (2002-06)
  • Skill Development Training Program in 2003.
  • Vocational Skill Training Program in Amethi District 2009- Continue 
  • Micro Entrepreneurship Training Program.
  • Farmers Action for Sustainable and Agro-based livelihood (2015-2018). 
  • REDP (Rural Entrepreneurship Development Program)
  • Kishori Shakti Training Program.
Women Farmers Associated
School Dropout Trained
Women Trained