Education is one of the core intervention areas of GVSS from the last 4 decades. GVSS works for the education of Children and Adults from its inception. The organization has been successfully implemented various programs for the education of children and adults. The Details of Intervention are as follows- 

  Current Intervention District
  Women Literacy and Empowerment  Pratapgarh
  Gyan Setu Centers for out of School Children Pratapgarh
  Education Mainstreaming of School Dropouts Amethi

Women Literacy and Empowerment-

Pratapgarh is a district of Uttar Pradesh situated in the eastern part of the state. 94.54 % of the District Population belongs to Rural Areas. In 2006 Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Pratapgarh one of the country’s most 250 backward districts (out of total 640). In the area, male Literacy is 69.54% and Female literacy is 57.65% (Census 2011). Literacy is the most important Indicators for Human Development and contributes to the development and growth of any region. Being deprived of literacy women have to face challenges in their daily life work to institutions based works. They always require the support of others for solving literacy-related problems and sometimes they are cheated or misguided which is an important concern. GVSS is extensively working for Women Literacy in Pratapgarh District since 2011 and reached to 3750 women. Out of them, GVSS made 2850 women sufficiently literate to use literacy skills as per need in their day to day life. 

Key Activities for WLP-

  • Establishment and Functioning of Women Literacy Centers (WLC).
  • Capacity Building of Community Educators.
  • Teaching and Learning at WLC.
  • Exposure Visits of Institutions.
  • Discussions of Different Issues like Gender, Government Schemes, Village Level and Local Issues.
  • Women’s competency building on Language, Numeracy, Digital Literacy etc.


Women Literacy Centers (FY 2018-21)
Women became literate (FY 2018-21)

Functioning of Masti ki Pathshala for out of School Children-

GVSS is running Masti ki Pathshala in Mangraura Block of district Pratapgarh. Masti ki Pathshala comprises Community Education Centers in the marginalized community for out of school children. It caters to school-children who have not been able to achieve the expected level of learning. Masti ki Pathshala also provides a site to build an awareness of the value of education, and prepares and transitions children to formal public schools.

Key Activities at Masti ki Pathshala- 

  • Teaching and Learning with Children.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities. 
  • Games and Outdoor Activities. 
  • Fun Learning. 
  • Writing, Reading, Craft and Painting Competitions. 
  • Story Telling.

Education Mainstreaming of School Dropouts- 

GVSS is working with school Dropout Youths for their skill Development in Amethi District of Uttar Pradesh. We provide training in different trades as per the market study. During the training program, we motivate youth for education mainstreaming and enroll them in secondary through open schooling.

Key Activities- 

  • Vocational Skill Training.
  • Enrollment of school dropouts in open schooling.
  • Life Skill Training.
  • Basic Computer and Basic English Coaching.
  • Learning assistance during the training program.

Major Programs Implemented by us-

  Crèche (1980-97)
  Condensed Course (18-35 year female) (1983-1992)
  Non-formal Education Centers (1991-1999)
  Adult Education and Total Literacy Campaign (1990-92)
  Early Childhood Education Centers (1988-1993)
  Residential Bridge Course (2009-11)
  Women empowerment through Literacy Program (2011-14)
  Women Literacy Program (2015-18)

Recently Completed Programs-

  • Women Literacy Program Layered with Dairy Producer Group, Pratapgarh (2018-21)
  • Functioning of Gyan Setu Center (2019-21)
Women become literate at our WL Centers