Environment and Climate Change

Awareness | Demonstration | Action

India has a high degree of dependency on agriculture, and people use wood & fossil fuels to meet their energy requirements. There is a need to generate awareness and promote suitable practices to address environmental issues. The focus of GVSS is on generating environmental awareness within the community, demonstrating climate-friendly agricultural practices and renewable energy solutions, and motivating people towards adoption and action. The key features of our program are:

Environmental Awareness: GVSS focuses on generating heightened environmental consciousness within communities through a range of initiatives.

Climate-Friendly Agriculture: GVSS actively promotes and demonstrates climate-friendly agricultural practices that are both ecologically sound and economically viable.

Renewable Energy Solutions: By showcasing renewable energy solutions, GVSS aims to steer communities away from fossil fuel dependency and towards cleaner, sustainable energy sources.

Hands-On Demonstrations: Through practical demonstrations, GVSS illustrates the feasibility and effectiveness of climate-friendly practices, making them accessible and enticing for adoption.

Stakeholder Engagement: GVSS engages closely with primary stakeholders, including farmers, energy consumers, and local leaders, to foster a sense of ownership and commitment to sustainable practices.

Motivation and Action: The organization not only imparts knowledge but also motivates individuals to take action by embracing eco-conscious practices and integrating them into their daily lives.

Collective Impact: GVSS envisions a collective societal shift towards climate-friendly solutions, where informed individuals drive systemic change for a greener and more sustainable future.



Major Program Implemented:

  • Environmental Awareness Campaigns including workshops & seminars.
  •  Water for public good project.
  • EU Project (Strengthening CSO towards fostering Women Empowerment) 
  • Bio gas demonstrations.